Orange ModelCars

a Dutch Drivers Collection

Welcome to my website!

This website is dedicated to my "Dutch Drivers" collection.

More then twentyfive years ago I started with collecting model cars. Back then I bought a scale model of my liking, without a real direction or specific interest. Or the collection was extended when I was gifted with a new scalemodel/miniature.

Since 1994 began, as many others, the Formula 1 to become more and more interesting due to the endavours of Jos Verstappen. This has made my collection to be translated to a more specific topic for my collection, being Formula 1. At first many with scalemodels of the cars of our "Jos the Boss", later also scalemodels (or modelcars) from other dutch (new and former) Formula 1 drivers. So the theme of my collection can be called "Dutch Drivers".


They all have a connection with Formula 1 or one of the other open wheel race series, but most have either raced, tested and/or performed demo runs in a formula 1 car somewhere during their racing career. And because many of these drivers are/where connected to the national colour Orange, the name of my website became easy to pick, Orange Modelcars.

By means of the navigation bar (desktop/laptop) or menu button (tablet/smartphone) the different miniatures can be viewed, they are grouped per driver specific.

Also a Guest book, a Contact form and a number of interesting Links are added to this website.

Enjoy viewing of my colllection,