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Driver - Tom Coronel

He won the Marlboro Masters on Zandvoort in 1997. After winning the Formula Nippon title he was offered a Formule 1 test.

With share issues under the name "The Racing Dutchman" he attempted to obtain a racing seat for the 2000 F1 season, which did not succeeded. 

He tested in DTM. He did race in the Le Mans Series and competed in the 24h Le Mans for the Spyker Squadron. 

The last years, not competely empty handed, races in the WTCC series. First for Seat and BMW, but currently with a Chevrolet Cruze without factory support. 

Drove in 2009 together with his brother Tim Coronel the Le Dakar Rally in a Bowler Nemisis. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 he battled the sand again alone in a buggy! In the 2018 edition he drove again, together with Tim, that time in a Jefferies Buggy named "The Beast". For 2019 the have upgraded the Beast for another Dakar adventure.

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